Santuari de la Mare de Déu Del Mont

Come to the heart of the high Garrotxa and Alt Emporda, a privileged place, with a panoramic view of 360 degrees.

The Santuari de la Mare de Déu Del Mont, is a viewpoint of Catalonia, where Mn Jacint Verdager stay in the summer of 1884.

THE SanctuarY

The construction of the sanctuary had a special significance in the religious world of the fourteenth century. The students said they had a specific weight in the middle of construction of churches, chapels and shrines that time. Its position atop a rugged mountain there must contribute via allegorical of heavenly closeness.

Also the fact that a few years later, in 1333, began an endless cycle of plague epidemics that lasted decades. Whatever it was that was, is notable written by Guillem de Vilamarí, bishop of Girona: It has built a chapel and an altar in her honor to the Mother of God; they celebrated Mass and other divine offices, so with the help of the merits of her glorious Virgin, called the chapel has achieved much and so glowing with frequent miracles, which are attended not only the home and neighbors, but also nations far away.

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Father Verdaguer’s poem Canigó was started in 1880 when, on a visit to Vallespir, was attracted by the solid, its history and legends. From that year and to document themselves and inspire started making trips to many places in the Pyrenees, where it would pass the story told in the epic poem. Raised the Canigou, Puigmal, dill or Pica states, just to mention some of the most renowned Pyrenean peaks.

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The library contains 2,000 volumes of the sanctuary, and there are sections of film library, music library and archive.

The thickness of the bibliographical, for no importance for the number is that of the complete works of Father Verdaguer, in first editions, today a unique value as second and other subsequent editions, in many cases for prologadas feathers of the first order of Catalan literature, as Carles Riba, Miguel de los Santos Oliver and Joan Maragall. Alongside the work of Verdaguer there are works by authors from the Renaissance literature and the first decades of the twentieth century as Josep Maria de Sagarra, Josep Pla Esclassans Augustine.

In another vein, the library contains an extensive collection of history and current sanctuaries Catalan landscapes and traditions of Catalan poetry, etc. Also in the religious sphere, the slope of worship or theology. Finally, there is a significant reference works of historical, linguistic or literary.

The newspaper one can find a lot of publications relating to the Shrine and Father Cinto Verdaguer, Shrine own publications, brochures, catalogs and specific support actions artistic, cultural or literary held at the Shrine.

Finally, film library and music library spaces, preserved historical chapters Sanctuary footage and recordings of popular music or sacred.

The Library of the Sanctuary is a suitable space to develop study days and seminars are provided by a small group of people.

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